Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Last week, we made the six and a half hour drive north to Los Altos, CA to make some adjustments and repairs to the drapes in our friend Tanya's house. Tanya is a gorgeous ball of happiness and that aspect of her personality makes itself evident in her love of COLOR, which she uses enthusiastically throughout her house. Here, we've preserved the shape of this arched window in her aquamarine bathroom by installing cabinet knobs (purchased at Home Depot!) along the frame of the arch and hanging the curtains with rings and clips.

Tanya chose contrasting colors that really make this window stand out.

 This material was brought back from India and we lined it with crystal beading. The afternoon light comes in through this window and really makes them sparkle.

 This is a picture of the swags we made for Tanya's master bathroom. I'm particularly fond of the long, thin theater swag on the left. I love that the swags here are lined entirely with silk. The quality is fantastic.

Here's a close up.

And this is a picture of the material we used in Tanya's living room. This sheer, which is two-toned with shimmers of red and green, replaced a more boring single-toned gold. The pattern beneath is from Tanya's couch, which we not only upholstered but designed specifically to fit her needs.

We always enjoy the trip up to see Tanya--she even made a delicious lunch including chicken that had simmered in orange juice (extra flavor!)--and this time was no different.

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