Monday, October 27, 2014

Here it is,  Only a few days until the month of November...  Thanksgiving is around the corner and Christmas only 2 months away... So much has happened in this summer... We finished the chairs and the 6th floor at the Stillwell Hotel.  We did the lobby draperies at the Comfort Inn in Toledo... We enjoyed working with the owners and look forward to a on going business relationship.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Moved to Toledo,Ohio.  Its been one year that we have been here and this winter was the coldest in 40 years.  We survived,  snow blizzards, ice.  The hardest part is waiting for spring. I want to start my garden and walk barefoot in the grass.  I am hoping to have an amazing crop of tomatoes and squash, roses are a must and peonis and coneflowers are already planted and should be abundant.
As for draperies, we finished 5 floors of the Stillwell hotel.  We have chairs for the lobby on the horizen and look forward to a new project..
We have started working hand in hand with David @ Sierra Textile . We will be representing his hospitality line of bed in a bag  and fresh start program.. I will upload these programs onto the blog in a couple of days.  Hopefully, we will soon be doing another hotel in the midwest. 
I will be flying to California to finish up one residential job in Palos Verdes, 
Here is to Mother Nature getting over her bout with bipolar ... spring is needed ..
My best to all .