Friday, August 5, 2011

Vintage Flair

 Hi there! It's been a busy time, and we haven't had a chance to update lately. But the ladies of LeMontree Interiors recently made a trip to Vintage Flair, a GORGEOUS local antique store owned by our good friend, Lucy. It's located on Elizabeth St-- make a right into the first alleyway.

The things I love in this picture: clear dangling twinkle lights for indoor lighting; empty white-washed picture frames and matching finials; a plethora of disparate knickknacks (porcelain, seashells, mirrors)!

Check out these beautiful porcelain plates, figurines, and pots!

How amazing is this mannequin? Look at that detailed hand-painting around the eyes: those eyelashes, those rosy cheeks, and sweet curls! ALSO, this multi-strand pearl necklace is magnificent.

Porcelain doll head, complete with pedestal and tiara! Tiny vintage perfume bottles. Crystal pendants. Swirling shells. Lovely lace and rose accessories. Imagine putting together such an imaginative and fantastic display. Our Lucy is a master.

Vintage Flair is full of Paris Chic style! I love the idea of using scrabble tiles as decorations-- tres adorable!

Vintage glass bottles are a fun and inexpensive way to decorate. Place a collection of various sizes and colors in a window sill. Fill up the empty spaces in a bookshelf or on a side table. Use them as vases or fill them with sand and tiny seashells. Buttons! Old pennies. Marbles. Feathers. Use your imagination!

I love antique statues. They've got such character. This cherub is both eerie and fascinating with its empty eyes.

Oh, my. Look at the detailing on this beaded dress. So intricate, so lovely.

Make sure to stop by Vintage Flair on Elizabeth Street in Riverside, CA. Vintage clothes, antiques, jewelry, books, fun stuff.

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