Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Fox Theatre in Riverside, CA

Hello friends!

Not too long ago LeMontree Interiors was lucky enough to have the privilege of designing and installing the drapes for the offices of the renowned Fox Theater, a beautiful, historical landmark right here in Riverside, CA. 

Here it is! The Fox at Mission Inn Blvd and Market Ave.

Stop by to see a show sometime! There's always something interesting playing or someone fabulous performing.

Look at the absolutely marvelous attention to detail in the eaves here. The color combo, the painted designs, the little white bulbs, and rod iron and tinted glass light fixture. It really stands out at night, too. 

Another shot of the entrance area.

And this! Oh, this. The exposed brick walls, the tall tables for two, the french doors and 3/4 cafe curtains, the clean curves of the mocha leather couches-- what's not to love? Doesn't it remind you of a loft in New York?
An art gallery or a coffee shop in SoHo, maybe?  Definitely an aesthetic we love to love.

Here's that same room from another angle.

Cafe curtains on a tension rod are a perfect fix for the tricky french door dilemma! We used a lovely embroidered sheer in a neutral color in order to allow all that gorgeous natural light into the room.

And for a more theatrical flair-- here we did lush, thick panels of chenille (imagine tapestry and velvet mixed together and that's the texture of chenille!) with a gold fleur-de-lis pattern on vibrant red. 

What I love about windows like this, with a window covering of this nature, is that gives an impression of grandeur. It's an essentially simple set up-- panels, french pleats, metal rod and rings--but the execution, the overall impression, is so stunning, so immense. It's just lovely to see a room transform after an installation like this.

It was such a pleasure to be able to contribute in our own small way to the beautification of one of Riverside's preeminent historical sites. Hopefully we'll see you at The Fox for a show sometime!