Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Elegance of Sheer

Two posts in one day! Well, why not? If for no other reason than we've got some lost time to make up for.

This blog post will feature a local client, Christi, who lives in our very own neighborhood in the historic wood streets of Riverside!

One of our favorite "quick fix" designer tricks that we like to employ in order to transform an average room into a truly elegant space is to use simple crushed sheer panels, in white or off-white, on a dark metal pole with rings. In this case, we paired them with matching tie backs.

Check out the results, both inside and out!

Even from the curb, adding sheers or drapes can accent your windows and set your house apart from the rest. It gives a decorative "finished" look, like adding a frame to a beautiful painting.

Here's the same window (notice the awning) from inside the room.

This is the same window again. Notice how it's an extremely simple, yet elegant look. Inexpensive, but with enormous appeal. You don't always have to keep your panels held in their tie backs. Feel free to let them hang loose!

Here's the outside view from the front porch. Very "French Cafe," non? Can't you imagine sitting out here with your fresh-squeezed orange juice or your cafe-pressed coffee, reading the paper on a Sunday morning, the sunshine gently warming you and you watch the neighbors walk their dogs? How very pleasant :)

Once again, the same window from within the house. The sheers, with their elegant tie backs, lend a romantic feel this dining room.

Same window from another angle.

And here is another picture, showing both the dining and living room areas. How much do you love the soft butter yellow of the walls in the living room? It's one of my favorite colors.

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