Saturday, July 9, 2011

A new enterprise

Every morning we begin with a homemade cappuccino and a fresh plan. Today's plan involves starting up this blog, but mostly it involves lunch. 

Manesha, one of our beloved clients, called and lectured us about the difference between North Indian and South Indian cuisine. We told her we're headed to Cerritos to have lunch at Ashoka the Great (North Indian cuisine--featuring a fantastic lunch buffet for $8.95!) with Archna, a good friend. Archna manages John Hall Designs, whose main showroom and design studio is located in Oxnard, and we've worked together before. Part of what keeps us so busy is making sure that we stay connected, build close relationships: calling up past clients just to see how they're doing or to ask about a recipe or a book they mentioned, meeting for lunch, for pleasure, for business. Most of the people we work with we've known now for five, ten, fifteen years.  Later on this month, we've promised to go shopping for saris with Manesha.

Of course, before we do anything today we've got to wash the dog-- Joey, our 7-month-old miniature Australian Shepherd.

Well...I tried.

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